Association to return only the first of an associated list

A little background: in our schema, Resource has_many :assets, through a
join table called items.

Whenever we show a resource, we also show a thumbnail for its first
associated asset. Currently, this means that we’re doing a lot of sql
action in the view: for example, a partial like this might be repeated
100 times:

<% asset = resource.assets.first %>
<%= image_tag, asset.path %>

Obviously doing loads of little queries in the view isn’t good: what
i’d like to do is somehow eager-load that first asset with the include
option. We tried making a method called ‘primary_asset’ which returns
the first asset for a resource, but that can’t be "include"d: i think
that in order to include it i need to set it up as an association.
Which leads me to my actual question: how do i set up a has_one
association to return only the first asset from the collection of
associated assets?

has_one doesn’t seem to have an ‘sql’ option, otherwise i’d just do
something like

has_one :primary_asset, :class_name => “Asset”, :sql => “SELECT
assets.* FROM assets INNER JOIN items ON = items.asset_id
WHERE ((items.resource_id = #{id})) ORDER BY position LIMIT 1”

Can anyone see how i can set this up? I’m using rails 2.0.2.

thanks, max

Have you tried

has_one :primary_asset, :class_name=>“Asset”, :order=>“position”

On Dec 8, 4:59 am, Max W. [email protected]