Association preloading problems

  • first off there are some patches on
    that look sane to me (and maybe have slipped under the radar because
    they weren’t in their own ticket).
    Secondly it has been very rightly pointed out that the
    include_eager_conditions? and include_eager_order? functions that
    preloading leans on to decide whether to fallback to the old eager
    loading code aren’t smart enough (specifically they understand, but not other_table.foos).
    It’s not as completely straightforward as adding that to the regex
    (currently /([.\w]+).\w+/) since the change to be made obviously
    depends on how that particular database quotes table & column names.
    Anyone have a smart idea for generating the right regular expression ?
    perhaps lean on connection.quote_table_name and
    connection.quote_column_name to generate the right delimiters and then
    the expression is




Oops, meant to post that to core.
Move along, nothing to see :slight_smile: