Assistance wanted for integrating existing C-API into Ruby


I am seeking assistance for writing a ruby wrapper for the c-api of an
existing enterprise system. This job is a paid job.

In my vision the access from ruby/rails to this existing system should
be like working with active record.
Basically I think there should be a ruby layer to make the c-api
accessible and another that integrates it with Active Record. I think
this makes sense because my main focus is to access the data of the
enterprise system.

For the first layer I can imagine to use SWIG (this seems to be a good
way to integrate a c-api from ruby; but if you know a better way just
tell me) and for the second part one has to write an active record

So I am searching someone who has the experience and knowledge to get
such a job done. The first step would be to create a working prototype
within the next two months.


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