Assigning default values to attributes in a has_one associat

Hi List,

I’ve a little problem here, for which I can’t find a solution:

I have two models, person and event. Event is a polymorphic association
(timeable). In my person model I would like to define an association

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base

has_one birthday,
    :dependent => :destroy,
    :as => :timeable,
    :class_name => "Event",
    :foreign_key => :timeable_id,
    :conditions => "category = 'birthday'"


As you can see, there’s a category field in the event table, which
contain the category of the Event. In this case, is should
contain “birthday”.

I would like this category attribute to get set automatically to
whenever I create a new association.

So, calling simething like


in my controller should set the category attribute to “birthday”. I was
something like:

has_one birthday,
    :dependent => :destroy,
    :as => :timeable,
    :class_name => "Event",
    :foreign_key => :timeable_id,
    :conditions => ['category = ?', name.to_s] do
        self.category = "birthday"

But this seems not to work.

Also there are callbacks for collection associations (i.e. before_add
after_add), but this does not work with has_one associations.

So, what would be the best way of doing womthing like this (I sure there
is at
least one way…)


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