Assigning a method argument to a model attribute


when i do this:

<%= method(x) %>

in the view

and the method: is

def method(x)



rails give the error of no argument. how do i assign an argument to
the model?

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You can do it like this


Nevertheless, you normally write

<%=h @model.x %>

in the view, or prepare some @x in the controller that holds model.x,
depending on how important is @model to the view. Do you really need
that level of indirection?

On 1 Sep 2008, at 11:55, tyliong wrote:

def method(x)



First off there’s an internal ruby method called “method” so it’s best
to avoid that. Aside from that your method should be in the
appropriate view helper file.

Having done all that it’s still not going to work:

  • in side your method, model isn’t defined
  • assuming x contains a string and you want to call that method you
    can’t do it like that (what you’ve got will try and call the method
    called x). you need to use the send method (for example
    [1,2,3].send(‘length’) returns 3


Thanks guys it works now.

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