Asset Managing Extension - Page Attributes - Edit rb files?

Sorry, me again =). I’m also trying to get an asset managing extension
of some sort. I’m not sure what’s a good one that’s being actively
developed, but I’m trying Sean Cribb’s “Page Attributes” at the moment.

According to the README, however, I have to edit the page_controller.rb
file, as well as other radiant files. However, the website will
eventually be deployed on a shared webhost, and I don’t think I can edit
the page_controller.rb file there. And trying to install another copy of
radiant in my home directory produced a lot of problems for me before.

Is there another way of installing this extension, or is there another
asset manager extension that is nice to use?


page_attributes is not sean’s extension - it’s not even an asset
management extension afaik.

You’re after page_attachments: