Assert_select trying to verify the presence of a textarea


One of my functional tests looks like this:

def test_presence_of_free_text
profile = Profile.find :first
post :edit, {:id =>}
assert_select “textarea”, :name => “record[free_text_ec]”

The test results in a failure, because the element cannot be found.

I’m pretty sure the element should be there, and I’ve tried the
combinations as well:
assert_select “textarea”, :name => “record[free_text_ec]”
assert_select “textarea.record_free_text_ec”, :name =>
assert_select “input[type=textarea][id=record_free_text_ec]”
assert_select “[type=textarea][id=record_free_text_ec]”
assert_select “input[type=TEXTAREA][id=record_free_text_ec]”
assert_select “LI textarea”, :name => “record[free_text_ec]”
“html:root>body>div>div>div>div>form>ol>li>ol>li>textarea”, :id =>

They all fail.

One does not fail, and that’s
assert_select “", :name => “record[free_text_ec]”
But, to be sure, I’ve checked this option with a dummy name
(e.g. assert_select "
”, :name => “Hjdueubduagagaxxxxx”)
and it strangely enough it succeeds as well.

Does anyone know how to make the assert_select find my textarea tag



On 6/22/07, Gian [email protected] wrote:

I believe that the selector “record[free_text_ec]” Is not correct. It’s
looking for a tag called record with a free_text_ec attribute.

I don’t believe your call is doing what you expect though. The :name
is going towards an equality? argument, not the selector argument.

I believe you test should read

assert_select “textarea#record[id=free_text_ec]”


Thanks for your reply Daniel.

I’m afraid this does not work either.

An hml snippet of the actual page looks like this:

  • Additional text for the EC
  • ...

    I can’t see what’s wrong in the assert_select



    On 6/22/07, Gian [email protected] wrote:



    Ok that makes it clear. The id is id=“record_free_text_ec” so the
    assert_select should be

    assert_select “textarea#record_free_text_ec”

    That should find it. The # will find a textarea tag with the given id.
    is pretty much the same as a css selector.


    again thanks Daniel,

    In my case the assert_select works for pages that are NOT using
    active scaffold, I just do, as you proposed…

    assert_select “textarea#record_free_text_ec”

    and this works.

    I think the problem lies in the fact my (GET) request in the
    test, is probably not returning what I expected, and that’s why the
    assert_select doesn’t find the textarea.

    From the browser the GET returns the right html, from the
    test the GET is giving me values 0 or 302 for an assert_response.

    I’ve checked the response with puts @response.inspect, and it
    doesn’t look like what I should get.

    Pretty weird, maybe I’m overlooking something…



    Just for the records, for whoever might end up on this thread.

    I found out what the problem was, it has nothing to do with active

    The cause of this problem was a missing fixture in my tests.

    More specifically. I use the plug in act_as_authenticated, and
    the first line in my tests is usually login_as(:someone), that
    sets the user as logged in.

    The method login_as worked fine, and the @current_user instance
    variable was set in my controllers, but the instances of an
    (i.e. has_and_belongs_to_many :roles) where not made and not set
    in the specific user instance, this caused some conditions to fail and
    resulted in a redirect.

    Moral of the story: I needed to add an extra fixture to my functional

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