Aspell crash


I recently extracted the spelling correction functionality from
Ultrasphinx and started to use it in Thinking Sphinx plugin.

Today I noticed that both thin instances on the server died and this is
what thin log says:

Thin web server (v0.8.2 codename Double Margarita)
Threaded mode OFF
Maximum connections set to 1024
Listening on, CTRL+C to stop
0.0.0:7001): modules/speller/default/suggest.cpp:536:
aspeller::Dict* const*, std::vector<const aspeller::Dict*,
std::allocator<const aspeller::Dict*> > >, const aspeller::WordEntry&,
const char*, int, int, bool): Assertion `w.word_size == strlen(w.word)’

So it seems that Aspell choked on something… Has anyone experienced
something similar?