Asp response.redirect in RoR?

Hi Folks

I am new to Ruby on rails, coming from Asp classic… Yap… Guess its
time to get up to date.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction? I’ve currently
setup an sms gateway which works through http gets and posts. My asp
file uses response.redirect to trigger the sms gateway.

I am developing my clients new webpage on RoR, and i’m not sure what
the equivalent would be.

Say I wanted my controller to call:

without redirecting the user with the call.

The closest i’ve looked into atm, is the “redirect_to” method.

Thx in advance.


If all you want to do is send out a controller request but not actually
send the user there, it sounds like you just want to send a POST request
to that url. May I recommend looking into Net/HTTP or if you prefer

Using simple http, you could send the request as so:“http://sendthatsms/yay”, “message”=>“thisisthemessage”)

Thank you very much, ill be looking into this.

It seems to be exactly what I need.

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