ASP.NET to Rails with MySQL

Hi -

I’m thinking about porting an ASP.NET app to rails. This will require
complete re-write of the site’s code, and I’m fine with it. With ASP.NET
I use a lot of MySQL views constructed from tables, and I wondered how I
could do this with rails.

I just started reading about RoR since I heard a lot of good things
about it and wanted a piece of the action. I’m really resisting the urge
to go with Django, even though I have a solid background with python
(any thoughts?). Thing is, I’m really used to formulating my own DB
queries, and rails handles all of those behind the scenes – not
necessarily a bad thing, just need to get used to it. My question is, is
there a way to build rails apps with explicit queries, or mix
ActiveRecord action with those? I’d love to some feedback. Thanks!

Yes, you can mix hand-rolled sql queries (find_by_sql) with rails
generated queries (find) as much as you like.

On Nov 12, 6:49 am, Shilo A. [email protected]