Asked for a remote server ? nil, ENV["FERRET_USE_LOCAL_IN


I know this subject as been talked many time, but i can not figure out
how to get rid of this…

ENV : ruby 1.8.4, ferret 0.11.4, acts_as_ferret 0.4.1 under win32

Error : Asked for a remote server ? nil, ENV[“FERRET_USE_LOCAL_INDEX”]
is nil, looks like we are not the server Will use local index.

My application is working find, with 4 mongrels, but i got this message
on every request…

I tryed to add the following at the end of my environment.rb file,
without sucess.

FERRET_USE_LOCAL_INDEX=1 # didn’t do anything
FERRET_USE_LOCAL_INDEX=1 RAILS_ENV=production script/ferret_start #
ruby did not start (exception)

There is a “require ‘acts_as_ferret’” at the beginning of my

I got the same problem with a Fedoracore5, using ferret 0.10.13 and
acts_as_ferret 0.4.1

Thank for you precious help Jens


Adding ‘,:remote => false’ at the end of my acts_as_ferret definition,
in my model did resolve the issue.