Array parameter unescaping in Rails 1.2.3

Has anyone observed strange results with specialized form construction
that yields array parameters in Rails? Specifically, I’m having an
issue where values aren’t being properly unescaped:

… author_fields.text_field :email, :name => “authors[][email]” …

=> PARAMETERS: “authors”=>[{“email”=> “”},…]

If there are two objects in the array then that %40 becomes a %2540,
ie twice escaped. In order to work around this I’ve written a before
filter which grabs array parameters and escapes each item n times,
where n is the length of the array. Scary. I want to see if I can
trace this problem to Rails source, but I wanted to do a quick survey
and make sure I’m not making a stupid mistake, or whether this problem
hadn’t been fixed already. Cursory Google searching suggests
neither. Thanks,