Array iteration

This is probably more of a style question as I’m coming from Java into
Ruby. I’m used to using an index marker like ‘i’ to assign a value to an
index as it loops through.

How is this typically done in Ruby?

For example, this is my inclination in writing a method that takes an
array as argument, iterates through and tests each value, and if the
value meets the criteria, assigns it to another array which will be

def my_method (array)
new_array = []
i = 0
array.each do |value|
if some_criteria_matches
new_array[i] = value
i += 1
return my_method

Is there a preferred Ruby pattern for this?

use Array#select or Array#grep

Hans M. wrote in post #1152590:

use Array#select or Array#grep

Awesome, I’ll check that out. Thanks!!