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I am a brand spankin’ new wannabe ruby programmer. The attached is my
first real program outside of the infamous Hello World app. I was told
that one who wants to start learning a program is to start out with a
simple real world program that interests me.

Because I like to golf and I keeping track of my scores is something I
do, I figured I’d give this a whirl and then build on it
later…possibly on a web page with Rails.

Anyhow, I have the prompt and storage of scores working properly but I
don’t know how to add up the scores that are entered. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 5:56 PM, Nick W. [email protected] wrote:

don’t know how to add up the scores that are entered. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.


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I haven’t looked at your code so probably shouldn’t be answering this

To add up the values in an array you can do something like this:

total = 0

score_array.each do |score|
total += score

puts total

The each method will step through your score_array one entry at a time
put that value into score. The bit between the score_array.each do
and end just adds the score (value of each array position) to the total.
The last line prints the total.

NOTE if total doesn’t exist before the each method is invoked it will
disappear when each finishes, that can be a bit surprising when you are
starting out. This happens because Ruby automatically generates a
the first time it sees it, so it would get created inside the each call.
However each is using a block here which creates it’s own scope so as
as it finishes total goes out of scope and is no longer available.

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Hi Nick,

1st of all, in Ruby you do not need to declare or define each of your
variables at the head of a method definition.

counter=0 # no need for a counter

round=0 # seems not to be used

player=“nick” # gets defines

holesplayed=0 # gets defines

score=0 # not needed

totalscore = 0

puts “What is your name”
player = gets

puts “How many holes did you play today”

Convert to Fixnum here, so you can call .times on holesplayed.

See times (Integer) - APIdock

holesplayed = Integer gets
holesplayed.times do
puts “Enter the next hole’s score”

add up with +=, ‘gets.to_i’ was originally score and score was

totalscore += gets.to_i # x += y is like x = x + y

puts “your total score was #{ totalscore }”

lil bonus

puts ‘How many holes did you play today?’
holes = gets.to_i

total = (1…holes).inject(0) { |total, *|
print 'Enter the next score: ’
total + gets.to_i

printf “Your total score was %i.\n”, total


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