Array function?

PLOT: I want to build a simple card counter function. When i make a
object which is the player shall the player got one card (number between
1-13 in type of hearts for example). When more players connect the
function has to check that the number not has been given to an player
already. So no player can have the same card number.

here is the code for the object persons:

#create class
class Player

#set instance variables
 attr_accessor :name,

#create object
player =

#loop data into objects
for i in (0..12)
#create object array
player[i] =

  player[i].name = "PlayerName#{i}"
  player[i].card = rand(12) + 1    #Here i don't know the function for

puts "#{player[i].name}

On Tuesday 14 July 2009 05:08:12 Justice Me wrote:

#loop data into objects
for i in (0…12)
#create object array
player[i] =

player[i].name = “PlayerName#{i}”
player[i].card = rand(12) + 1 #Here i don’t know the function for

You could do something convoluted like this, where you generate a random
number, then check to see if anybody else has that card, but that isn’t
the way that card games work.

If you wanted to do it this way, you could do something along the lines

nobody_has_this_card = true

new_card = rand(52)

player.each do |pl|
if pl.card == new_card
nobody_has_this_card = false
end until nobody_has_this_card

But you shouldn’t do this. This really isn’t how card games work. This
the equivalent of dealing cards to people by saying:

“ok, choose a random card”
“3 of diamonds”
“let me check… no, sorry, one of the players already has that one, try
“ok, 7 of spades”
“let me check… ok, yeah, nobody has that one yet”

What you really want to do is create a deck of cards, shuffle it, then
handing out cards, removing them from the deck as you go.

The easiest way to do that is to create a list containing all the card
(there are various ways to do this, but I’ll do a simplified idea):

deck = [“2h”, “3h”, “4h”, “5h”, “2s”, “3s”, “4s”, “5s”, “2d”, “3d”,
“5d”, “2c”, “3c”, “4c”, “5c”]

Once you have the deck, you can shuffle it:

deck = deck.sort_by { rand }

Then hand out cards by popping elements off the list (equivalent to
taking the
top card off of a deck of cards)

card = deck.pop

If you use this route, you can ensure that each new player gets a unique
and that the deck gets smaller each time.

Then, just like in a real card game, you would need to notice when
running low on cards in the deck, shuffle them, etc.


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