Array Confusion

I have the following instruction that returns an array that I’m quite
confused about. I can’t even read it. Can someone shed some light as
to how to reach into this array of hashes (that’s what I can see) to get
the location lat and lon?

res =

This is the res:

“short_name”=>“1600”, “types”=>[“street_number”]},
{“long_name”=>“Amphitheatre Parkway”, “short_name”=>“Amphitheatre Pkwy”,
“types”=>[“route”]}, {“long_name”=>“Mountain View”,
“short_name”=>“Mountain View”, “types”=>[“locality”, “political”]},
{“long_name”=>“California”, “short_name”=>“CA”,
“types”=>[“administrative_area_level_1”, “political”]},
{“long_name”=>“United States”, “short_name”=>“US”, “types”=>[“country”,
“political”]}, {“long_name”=>“94043”, “short_name”=>“94043”,
“types”=>[“postal_code”]}], “formatted_address”=>“1600 Amphitheatre
Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA”,
“geometry”=>{“location”=>{“lat”=>37.4219985, “lng”=>-122.0839544},
“lng”=>-122.0826054197085}, “southwest”=>{“lat”=>37.4206495197085,
“lng”=>-122.0853033802915}}}, “types”=>[“street_address”]},

Outside of the conversion of string to integer errors (?), I can’t
traverse this array because it holds a comment in the first line there,
before an instance variable is set to the data. Quite confused. Any
insight appreciated.


Your’e looking at the result in correctly,-- that is not a comment in
the array! Its the “stringified” output of the array that contains
Geocoder::Result objects.

res = # => gives you entire data … seen as @data and then you can
traverse as a hash

There are other helper routines too (a few mentioned below).

etc. See these two files to learn all the methods of Geocoder::Result


All wiyht. Rho sritched mg kegtops awound?

I see. Now it is clear. I was under the impression that the inspect
method was just a representation of the returned array. Good to know.
Thanks for the notes.


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