"ArgumentError: Unknown key(s)" error when running controlle


I’m running through a user authentication tutorial (http://
www.aidanf.net/rails_user_authentication_tutorial) and am getting some
baffling errors when running functional tests.

Specifically, when running the test on my user controller, I get:

ArgumentError: Unknown key(s): password_confirmation, username,
password, email

These keys are all defined in my model, either as database columns or
using attr_accessor.

The test method that produces the error uses the following request:
post :signup, :user => { :username => “newbob”, :password =>
“newpassword”, :password_confirmation => “wrong” , :email =>
[email protected]”}

whereas other test methods use the following and run fine:
post :login, :user=> { :username => “bob”, :password =>
“not_correct” }

So it seems the fields :password_confirmation and :email are somehow
screwing things up.

Any ideas as to why I might be getting this error and/or how to fix
Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

Almot 4 years after and the same thing is happening to me… did you
remember how you solved it?

ok the problem was, i wasnt getting the param Id correctly in my