Are the tutorials updated?


I’ve tried Rails in the past - I own the first edition of the Agile
book. The tutorials on the rails home page don’t look to have been
updated since then.

Are there any tutorials showing the latest best practices for rails?
Where do I look for what’s new?


Hi Jim

Have you tried activescaffold, the fantastic alternative to the native
rails scaffolding ?

Jim –

Yes, a number of things have changed in the Agile tutorial from 1st to
2nd Editions which show many of the latest conventions and best
practices. Try here:

I read most of my way through the first edition before I realized that
it’s out of date. I bought the 2nd edition – well worth it.


I really like for helping to sharpen my techniques.


Thanks for the ideas. ActiveScaffold looks nice. Feels like I’m
starting all over again…