Are separate Service files in java extensions unofficially deprecated?

I have successfully created some java extensions for ruby-processing,
based on yokolets Fraction class tutorial (which is very clear), however
I was concerned that Headius was now pointing to a different model by
James C. as being best example to follow, which does away with the
separate service file. It took me a bit longer to get my head around
James example, and I have now converted both my ArcBall and DegLut
extension to that model
My question is what is the benefit of the new model, is the old form
deprecated (I still see examples out there). Should I convert my other
classes, might they be useful templates for others

Finally I found it again, here is where Charlie mentions the unofficial
deprecation of the “service” model of getting code to load.

Further I have since updated yokolets fraction class
But like James C. before me, I feel I’m working a bit in the dark.