Ar-extensions 0.8.0

ar-extensions 0.8.0

What’s New ?

The big update is Rails 2.1.0 compatibility for MySQL and SQLite3. I
don’t have access to Oracle and I don’t have PostgreSQL setup, so I
apologize in advance to anyone using ar-extensions 0.7.0 with either
of those databases. 0.8.0 may work w/Oracle and PostgreSQL, but I
don’t know.

For the full release post please refer to:

What is ActiveRecord::Extensions?

ActiveRecord::Extension (aka ar-extensions) is a plugin to extend and
enhance the functionality of ActiveRecord. It starts by adding better
find support for ActiveRecord. It then adds mass data import
capabilities which are highly efficient and lastly it supports to_csv

It also introduces a cool concept of creating easily extendable pieces
of ActiveRecord functionality, so developers don’t have to understand
ActiveRecord internals or have the fear of breaking ActiveRecord