Apps on GoDaddy Revisted

I have been trying to get my app on Godaddy up and going for almost a
week with no luck, in short, all rails developers should steer clear of
GoDaddy. Unfortantelly I have already signup on GoDaddy, so my
questions is this. I have a directory for my rails apps called
“rails_apps” and on my local machine I have a project contained within a
folder called “league.” Now, should I uploaded the root folder -
“league”, up with the rest of the app or only the sub folder contained
therein? Also, I have create a symbolic link called “linkone.” To try
and test to see if I have everything setup correctly what do I type as
the url?

is that correct or should I type something else in? Thanks,


you would upload the league folder so that you would have something like


as for the link, yes, that is exactly the way you would type it.