Apply style in collection_select?

Hi to all,
i have this snip i want to apply style to this combo but there is no

<%= collection_select(:customer,:country_id, @countries,:id, :country,
html_options={ “style” => “width:110px” },:onchange =>
‘updateState(’’);’,:id =>‘country_id’ )%>



Try this:

<%= collection_select(:customer, :country_id,
@countries, :id, :country, {:style => ‘width:100px;’, :onchange =>
“updateState(‘’);”, :id => ‘country_id’}) %>

Argument list is:

name of instance variable (@customer becomes the symbol :customer),
name of attribute (@customer.country_id becomes :country_id), then the
array of objects (@countries), then the id method to send each of
these (ie send them all “id” to get the id of each object), then the
display method (“country” in this case, which seems a bit odd to me,
it’d probably be name rather than country… ), then a HASH OBJECT
(represented by {} braces) which has html options in it.

The html_options= simply assigns a temporary variable to be the
hash… so you don’t need it, because you’re not using it elsewhere.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot ,
but it is not working here actually your suggested code is breaking my
java script and style problem is still there , but never mind . Actually
here this issue is looking some critical because i can not see html
generated code in source when i write this

<%= collection_select(:customer, :country_id,
@countries, :id, :country, {:style => ‘width:100px;’, :onchange =>
“updateState(’’);”, :id => ‘country_id’}) %>


On 28 Jan 2009, at 07:34, Dharmdip R. wrote:

“updateState(’’);”, :id => ‘country_id’}) %>
It’s the usual “the first hash is options, the second is for html
options” thingy.