Apply 2 styles


I would like to use two different styles in an application so I can
propose a compact and a normal view.
I am thinking of two differents way of doing it.

  1. Writing a gtkrc-like file, parsing it and switching between the
    system style and the one I have written.
  2. Use a method to redefine properties I want to change.

I try both methods without success.

my style file writes :
style “zik-compact”
GtkTreeView ::vertical-separator = 0

widget “ZiK.TreeView” style “zik-compact”

I try Gtk::RC.parse function but I do not see the modification.
What am I missing ?
Can switch back and forth between two styles ?

I cannot access to the vertical-separator property of a tree view via
but I do not know how to set a new value for it. It is one of the
properties I really need to change.

Vincent C.

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