Application Trouble

I cannot for any circumstances get my application to work. I have Ruby
on Rails on Windows XP. It will NOT connect my database for some
reason. I am using Instant Rails. I have Apache and MySQL turned on.

What I have tried:
Start with Mongrel.
Ruby script/server
Changing my database.yml file

I have typed in: ruby script/generate scaffold Product Admin
dependency model
exists app/models/
exists test/unit/
exists test/fixtures/
create app/models/product.rb
create test/unit/product_test.rb
: :
create app/views/admin/show.rhtml
create app/views/admin/new.rhtml
create app/views/admin/edit.rhtml
create app/views/admin/_form.rhtml

When I go to my page. Here is what I see: Action Controller: Exception
caught Routing Error

no route found to match “/admin” with {:method=>:get}

There is nothing in my controller folder. Is there suppose to be? Does
anyone know what I am doing wrong.

When I try rake db:migrate it says: #28000Access denied for user
‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password:NO)

I am not real familiar with instant rails, but that error is coming from
mysql. I believe instant rails comes with phpmyadmin, make sure your
server is running and if it is, make sure you are using the correct
username and password in config/database.yml. Mysql allows root to
connect from localhost with no password on a default install, but I am
not sure if InstantRails has overridden this. You would need to check
their documentation.

Hi Watson

Did you define the mysql password in the donfig/database.yml ?

this mean that there is no action for /admin or index try adding this
to your admin controller

def index
redirect_to :action => 'list"