Application extremely slow


I am running a sample application using InstantRails (1.3a) in Windows
XP local machine. I set the mode to production, and started SCGI
server. Every time it takes almost 4 minutes to open my application’s
home page, and subsequent pages also take minutes to load. Something
must be wrong.

In public/.htaccess, there is one line:
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.cgi [QSA,L]
Since I am using SCGI server, I am not sure if the above line is OK.
InstantRails 1.3a contains Apache 1.3.

Does anyone out there have any idea why it’s so slow and how to fix it?

Thanks a lot!


SCGI IS horribly slow, period.

Either use FastCGI, or even better, mongrel.

On 10/30/06, Thorsten L [email protected] wrote:

SCGI IS horribly slow, period.

Either use FastCGI, or even better, mongrel.

It’s not that slow… something else is going on.

But SCGI is deprecated and you really should use Mongrel instead. I
recommend switching to Instant Rails 1.4 which replaced SCGI with


I’m building a personal image hosting site to learn rails. I’m using
the SCGI dispatcher and it seems about the same as FastCGI. I’m
running it on a pretty old XP machine with InstantRail and a
slow/shared DSL internet connection. Takes about 10 seconds for the
initial page and 5 seconds for other pages. I did have a problem once
which made it go very slow. I would check my running processes and
there would be like 7 ruby.exe’s running. I redid the config and it
fixed it. I’ll have to check mongrel out.

If you want to see my sites speed check here:

I am convinced to use Mongrel. Thank both of you for the information!


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