Appication in ror

my previous post was not clear to many of them.sorry for that.
Here goes clear description of the problem statement
First consider these examples.suppose I am opening a bank account.What
i will do is I will fill the form and submit it to the bank
worker.There that guy will validates my details and sends to the bank
manager for signature.After signing the form he will again send to the
one of the clerk there to give my account number.
so here in each case sequence of work flow is there .
this is one kind of example .
they are other examples which fall under this category like online
purchasing ,bank transactions etc ,where workflows is there
now my question is I have to develop a generic framework in ROR ,The
user can build any application on top of that generic framework may
be banking application or a online purchasing or any application
that has a workflow involved as said above examples.
Now how I have to build that generic framework ,I now it must have
some components in the framework to generate these kind of
wrokflows.for eg I can give GATE (general architecture for text
engineering )
now my question is how can I do it ROR.As there are any frameworks
like this or any material
plz give some pointers
badly needed