App with different homepage per domain

I am trying to use a different homepage per domain pointed to a rails
app. Based on the domain, only a subset of application data applies.
Can you tell me how you would address this problem? The request_routing
plugin might help but I am wondering if I should put the logic in the
view since I’m not sure what controller applies to the index.html page.
Somehow that feels wrong to me.

Thanks for any input.


P.S. I’ve tried googling for assistance but I don’t seem to have a
decent search.

Acts_as_indexed is a plugin for Ruby on Rails. With only a few simple
setup steps, and no external dependencies, it is designed to get you
up and running with indexed full-text search in as small a time as
The pure Ruby implementation of this full-text search makes for a
tool that is totally portable, and suitable for almost any
application requiring such capabilities.

Search queries support many standard boolean operators, namely
exclusion of a term through the use of ‘-’ and the matching of
phrases through the use of quotation marks.

Full details, install and documentation:

svn: svn://

Feedback is most definitely appreciated.


Douglas F Shearer
[email protected]

I’ve been addressing the same problem as you for about the last 7
months. I don’t know what the business aspects of your desire are, but
there’s a long way between now and getting it done. The basic approach
is to have all database tables as children of a “MAIN” table. When the
request arrives you ‘scope’ on the to call the
appropriate 'main.subtable.find(:all).
I can’t tell you the PAIN it took me to ferret this out.

On Aug 30, 6:43 pm, Bill D. [email protected]


I think my situation is a little simpler than yours. I am along the
lines of a shopping mall where each store’s items share a common
database. Under one domain for the shopping mall I’d like to show all
the items from all the stores. Under each store’s domain, I’d only want
to show that store’s items. The subset of applicable data depends on
the domain and I’d like each domain to have a different homepage.


Did you get anywhere with this?

I think I want to do the same thing: several sites where a large part of
the code and data base is common.

I’ve started a thread on this but there is no response.

There#s various talk about similar subjects so I think a number of
people are trying to do the same thing.

This thread may help


On Oct 19, 4:20 am, John L. [email protected]