App-specific plugin architecture / system / plan-of-attack?

Hi everyone -

I’ve been working on a rails app for the past few years and always keep
coming back to the fact that a lot of the functionality I’ve wanted to
include could have been much easier to develop if I had put together
something akin to plugins for the app itself. Stuff I could just turn
and off instead of just hacking it into the site itself. In addition
that point - there are a lot of user and group specific areas that
should be
customizable enough for said users, or groups, to pick and choose which
“modules” they want to interact with.

Which brings me to my question - before I jump in and write something
scratch, has there been anything created already that either helps the
process of writing app-specific “plugins” … a gem or rails plugin
… or just something of a theory in which someone should stick to while
writing said plugin architecture?

I guess the thing which I most want to emulate is how the plugin
architecture in WordPress works. Has anyone done something similar?

Thanks so much!

  • J