APP-ID for using Bing search api through "rbing" gem!

Hello all,

I’m currently working on something and I need to use Bing search api in
rails app.
I can user a gem called “rbing” which is a ruby wrapper around that api.
For creating
and instance of RBing class and using its methods I need to pass an
to its
constructor like this → bing =“MYAPPID”)

for getting a Bing APP-ID I searched a lot and there are some guidelines
for doing it
like this →
this → Search for Partners helps businesses and developers succeed but non of these
guides seems
valid anymore and I don’t find the links they talk about or other parts.

Can you please help me on this and give me some guidelines about how can
create a Bing APP-ID for using in my app?

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards

Sam Serpoosh
Software Developer:
Twitter @masihjesus

You should be able to use your account key as the correct value, given
the recent migration to Azure. If you are looking for this functionality
packaged into a gem, try checking out the searchbing gem.