API Only Rails Application

I’m currently working on an API only Rails application. It has a web ui
which is built with AngularJS and there will be a mobile app. Web and
mobile apps will use same rails application and exchange data with JSON.

But I’m having issues with user authentication. How can i handle this?
Should i use oauth2 and devise? I’m not able to figure it out.


I don’t know for sure, but I used devise, but then I ended up cutting
most of the functionality, so it probably would have been easier to go a
different route. I don’t use any of the devise views except for the link
that one clicks from their email when they forget their password. The
and account settings are just part of my single-page app. I ended up not
using the devise login route either – I forget why, but it was doing
something extra.

So, I’d love to hear what the canonical way to do that is, too.

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