API documentation for find_in_batches


At guides.rubyonrails.org I read about the possibilities of
find_in_batches. However I cannot find this option anywhere in the API
documentation (api.rubyonrails.org).

My question: where should I look for the documentation of this



Note that this API is deprecated in Rails 3.

If this function (find_in_batches) is depreciated, what alternative is
there? Same goes for the function find_each… in the current version
of Rails they are still working, but for how long?

On Apr 9, 11:16am, Martin S. [email protected]


WTF are we supposed to use in place of these methods?

On Apr 28, 10:48am, subimage [email protected] wrote:


WTF are we supposed to use in place of these methods?

I don’t think it is deprecated. However, it moved (it’s now at
http://apidock.com/rails/ActiveRecord/Batches/find_in_batches) and it
looks like apidock couldn’t work out that it moved rather than vanish.


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