API Change to Timeout?

This commit:

Breaks the documented API of the timeout function by changing the
default exception class raised from Timeout::Error to

I spent a fair bit of time diagnosing this issue today as it was
causing misbehavior in memcache-client. As a work-around, I am using a
modified version of memcache-client that specifies Timeout::Error as
the timeout
exception class explicitly, but it would be great to fix this as I’m
sure lots of libraries expect Timeout::Error.

Chris Eppstein

P.S. I originally reported this issue to the Phusion guys, but they
directed me here.

Nevermind, I’m tired and didn’t fully understand that change when I
first read it. I see that the Error class is re-raised later and so
the API didn’t change. Sorry to jump to conclusions…