Apache2 proxy problem

I installed a new VPS and everything works well except the virtualhosts
on Apache2.2
I have done this before but for now i can’t find why it doesn’t work.

This is my virtual host

<VirtualHost *>
ServerName gerdagorter.nl
ServerAlias *.gerdagorter.nl
DocumentRoot /home/gorterwebdevelopment/rails/public
ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /

This is the result it sends to the right map only my website is’nt
working well


Only with the portnumber i get normal acces to my website


I did this before some times but on this new server i’am not able to
find the right setup.
Can somebody help my please?
I spend hours and hours but can’t find the answer.

The most stupid thing i ever made. i found the problem it was only this
I installed the server very well and now i did’nt saw a small thing.
But no it’s correct.