Apache proxy unable to find action

In my configuration, I have Apache 2.2 set-up to proxy requests to
several Mongrel servers. The solution works properly and has been for
quite some time. My application also includes a Java applet that send
a separate request to the server (https://myserver/app/controller/
applet_action), however, the Apache server recently started reporting
a 404 error on this request.

The wrinkle is that I added Capistrano to the mix just before the
problem started, however, my attempts to deploy the application
without Capistrano’s directory structure have led to the same
problem. I do not believe this is a code issue as the same solution
with the same server configuration works on my development server.

I know this is slightly vague, but does anyone have any thoughts? I am
stumped. My server is CentOS Linux.