Apache + fastcgi and rails in vendor


I want to run my new shiny rail application with apache. Running my
application using cgi works but is very slow. So I want to switch to

I downloaded and installed mod_fcgid and have apache running my fcgi
scripts. Now my problems start :frowning:

I’m running apache on an ubuntu system. The ubuntu packed for ruby and
RoR is not the most recent. As I need the most recent rails version
and I can’t install anything that is not an ubuntu package I currently
running rails from vendor directory of my application.

My current situation:

  • apache is executing my dispatch.fcgi
  • dispatch.fcgi is failing on the line with “require ‘fcgi_handler’”

As I could read on several pages about ruby on rails with fastcgi I
guess I need fastcgi support for rails.
I can’t install it via ruby gems at this won’t put it into my vendor
directory. In fact I’m not even allowed to install ruby gems itself
(as there is no ubuntu package).

How can I add fcgi support to my RoR installed in vendor?

Thanks for any hint or documentation


Hi all

I figured it out on my own.
I had to install fastcgi library for ruby and everything is working as

If someone could explain how everything is working together (ruby,
rails and gems) this would be helpfull