AP4R 0.3.6 Released

Hi all,

ap4r version 0.3.6 has been released.

= What is AP4R ?
AP4R, Asynchronous Processing for Ruby, is the implementation of
reliable asynchronous message processing. It provides message queuing,
and message dispatching.
Using asynchronous processing, we can cut down turn-around-time of web
applications by queuing, or can utilize more machine power by
Also AP4R nicely ties with your Ruby on Rails applications. See Hello
World sample application from rubyforge.

For more information, please step in AP4R homepage!

= Changelog

  • Added: configuration to set HTTP timeout.
    Based on a patch from Artem Vasiliev
  • Added: provisional support Rails2.0.
  • Changed: the location of message_builder.rb from rails plugin to ap4r
    core (ap4r/lib directory).
  • Fixed: bug (tracker #17206) that uninitialized constant error occurs
    when :active_record_store is used as session store.