Anyone using ragi without rails?

Hello there all.
I have been looking at RAGI to replace the software that i now use to
interface with Asterisk.
All of the examples that i have seen for it, including the tutorials,
RAGI being used with RoR.
We are using RoR to provide our website, but we need our IVR to act
independently of what goes on with the web also.
We monitor field machinery. When the status of a machine changes, we
initiate an IVR phone call to let the customer
know what changed. So we need something that can run in a loop or in a
thread that will check for status changes and initiate phone calls when
necessary. So i guess my question is, is anyone out there using RAGI for
something like this? And have you seen any good docs or tutorials for
how to
set something like this up ?