Anyone up for this? Maps...Bounty


Bounty? I should know better than to post on Friday night - they
usually go unanswered! But I’ll give it a shot…

I need google maps integrated with rails in such a way that I can:

  1. Give it (something) a set of records from an ActiveRecord search
  2. Have it take those records, and do the following:
    a) Plot origin and destination location(s)
    b) Add a line between the origin and destination location(s)
    c) Set size of marker at origin and destination location(s)
    d) Set thickness of line between origin and destination location(s)
    e) Line color changes based on status of individual record. I will
    have multiple status values (i.e. multiple colors) with each set of
    records. Each individual record will only have one status value.
    f) Click on a marker (balloon) and have it expand to show the
    detailed information for that record.
  3. Show a list of the records that are mapped in a separate div. Click
    on that record and have it highlight the area on the map (origin marker,
    destination marker and line) for the selected record.

Pretty easy? I have seen some rails integration with gmaps whereby you
can add a single location and/or multiple locations but not connect
them. Imagine the craigslist/real estate mashup but with start and stop
points connected with lines because they belong together.

Can you do this? If so, email me, tell me the amount and, at some
realistic point, show me some functionality. We can do the entire
transaction via rent-a-coder and, in fact, I am going to post this
project there for bid. You can email me at codeslush at yahoo dot com
if you think you can do this. I’m looking for something well written
and extendable (i.e. I want to use it in multiple places for multiple
purposes). You need not know my exact model layout - just give me
something that works when given a set of results from an ActiveRecord
search and I’ll make the necessary mods on my side.



I forgot to add: Final code can (and should) be placed into open source
for others to benefit from!


As a follow-up - I got this to work on my own using the ym4r plugin
item 3) - it was actually pretty simple. If anyone else is trying to do
something similar then contact me and I’ll help get you started.

mmodica at cox dot net

codeslush wrote:

a) Plot origin and destination location(s)
destination marker and line) for the selected record.
if you think you can do this. I’m looking for something well written
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