Anyone Think a RailsForge Is a Good Idea?

There’s a lot of traffic on this list asking what the options exist for
login solutions, file upload solutions, search solutions, etc. Looking
over the Wiki is one way to figure out what’s there, and the mailing
list is certainly good, but two even better solutions come to mind:

  1. RailsForge: Hosts, indexes, and serves add-on solutions.

Pros: Mimics SourceForge, RubyForge; centralized repository for this
Cons: May break script/plugin model of installation

  1. Rails Extensions ‘r’ Us

Lists extensions by category with a brief description and pointer to
source and wiki articles. Allows for user rating and comments.

Pros: Allows you to host your own plugins and engines in svn as you’re
used to. Provides richer feedback on how good an extension may be.
Cons: Each person still has to host his own extension or plugin

I don’t know if this has been considered, but I thought I’d toss it out
there to see what people think.

This is already handled quite well with RubyForge from what I can tell.

A wiser choice would be to extend RubyForge, as it is already an
repository for Ruby/Rails projects and provide hooks for the
to be able to grab a list similar to the same fashion as the gems are
used and listed at the moment. Where all gems are listed on a single
This could be used in such a fashion as only providing this
cross-integration for the RubyForge projects that have converted to the
Subversion feature just launched.

With this new list, we could integrate with web services to provide meta
data for each package instead of doing a straight file list. This would
definitely increase the speed for searching, in addition to providing
inherent caching opportunity on the RubyForge side of things, as well as
script/plugin side.

With a script/plugin discover --rubyforge --purge or something of that
nature. By default it uses the cache if it is less than (configured
time) 1
day old, otherwise it will fetch the most recent list from the server
cache it locally.



 Nathaniel S. H. Brown                 

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