Anyone set up DAV using Nginx?

I am setting up a new server and I’m trying to avoid installing
Apache. All of our sites will be running mongrel_clusters through
nginx and our SVN will be accessible via svn+ssh. The only piece I
haven’t been able to figure out is how to set up a Dav using Nginx.
There is a module named NginxHttpDavModule which I installed with
Nginx. The documentation for the module is here:

I have been playing around with the configuration for a while and I
haven’t been able to get the Dav to work at all. I can’t find any
evidence that anybody else has been able to get this working. If you
have set this up before, I would love to see the Dav entry in your
server configuration.


It seems we both meet the same problem.
It doesn’t work and I don’t know why, the log says 405 forbidden.
Also, I’ve tried Apache2 mod_dav, but I cannot ls a directory while
can vi a file.