Anyone have some testing options suggestions for 2.1?


I am looking for suggestions for browser testing my RoR 2.1 app. I had
downloaded selenium and selenium-on-rails, but the version on github
still produces errors for me.

I need to test some Javascript and a couple of if-then statements that
appear in the browser.

Are there other good options that work in 2.1?



I re-title this post hopoing that the more specific subject might
generate some ideas.

I’m looking for some test applications that I can use to test my
Javascript and browser displays in Rails 2.1. Selenium on Rails doesn’t
work in 2.1 for me. Right now I get RenderError messages just running
rake in the plugin folder.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Sorry for all of the spelling mistakes in the above message. Typed way
too fast and hit submit too early!


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