Anyone got page_attachments + tinymce to work?

I’m noticing that when you have the tinymce extension installed the page
attachments interface stops showing up. The tags still process
but you lose the UI to upload images on each page. Has anyone gotten
this issue? I’m still learning the framework and don’t even know the
way to trace through this and figure out where/how the tinymce extension
clobbering the page_attachments.

Thanks a million,
Shawn Oster

I had the same problem. I think if you maybe make a page_attachments
the new extensions folder added, it might work?

I just uninstalled tinymce, and got on with my life. But would be
interested in continuing.


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i did.

problem is that both extensions overwrites
template. just metge that template into 1 folder and it should work.

e.g. if you do not see page_attachments then your tiny_mce overwrites
so you should merge it into

page_attachments does not override the edit.rhtml, it uses the built-in
facilities (aka “facets lite”) for inserting partials above the
buttons. However you would be correct in pointing out that overriding
edit.rhtml (probably what tiny_mce does) would break page_attachments.


So perhaps a better approach would be to “fix” the tiny_mce extension to
the same thing that page_attachments is doing? Seems like two
should be able to co-exist without manual tweaking.

If you can give me a pointer as to where to look in the page_attachment
extension for how it’s using the “facets lite” I’ll attempt to fix up
tiny_mce to play nicely. Seems the original owner has since switched to
mephisto and not sure he’s still maintaining it.



I think the key would be to modify as little of the “edit” template as
possible, focusing on its partials. This was easy with
page_attachments, because I had to insert a partial, not modify one.
Perhaps you could focus on _part.rhtml and see if that will suffice.
Also be sure to make use of the ‘include_stylesheet’ and
‘include_javascript’ helper methods instead of inlining your styles and
scripts. These helpers can be called at any point – either in a filter
you add or in any view template/partial, as they are evaluated only in
the layout (which gets evaluated last).

There’s two primary methods of modifying the interface using ‘facets
lite’ - one is adding any partial above the button area (below the
tabbed page-part interface). The second is adding fields to the ‘meta’
area that includes the slug and breadcrumb. The reasoning is that John
and I felt those were the two parts of the UI that people would need to
modify most - attributes of the page object and other, more complicated
controls. It was kind of a compromise from the infinite flexibility
that the ‘facets’ branch attempts to give you.

Hope that helps!


Ahh, sneaky, thanks for the help!


I have looked at the TinyMCE extension and rewritten it to make it work
with all versions of Radiant and other extensions. Unfortunately, I
don’t have the original ZIP-file with all files anymore. Could anyone
send this to me or point me to a subversion repository where I can diff
my version with. It seems that the website of the extension is offline.


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