Anyone familiar with Bort? How is it supposed to be used?

Noob here, obviously.

I checked Bort out and was left a bit confused. It seems everything I
try to do either breaks or interferes with some of its default
configurations and plugins.

I realize Bort is intended for people who already know their way around
an app, and what they are doing, and not as a shortcut for noobs, but I
am really intrigued, and would like to have a better idea of how to even
begin playing with it.

So if someone could provide a quick sort of “checklist” of how to get
things rolling properly with it, I would appreciate.

You are right Bort is not a noob app, but its very easy to setup.

* Download and unzip Bort
* Edit the database.yml and the settings.yml files
* Changed the default password in the bort migration
* Edit the REST_AUTH_SITE_KEY in each of the environment files
* Rake db:migrate
* Have a brew and celebrate

That’s from the Bort site. Is there something in particular that is
breaking? I have used Bort and other apps like it many times as the
base for my applications just to get a jump start on the basic