Any reason to use minitest instead of Rspec


I try again to learn ruby and Im following now “Agile Web development in
Rails 4”

I see that the author uses minitest to test models.

Is there any reason to use minitest instead of Rspec to test models and


On Thursday, 20 November 2014 14:13:55 UTC-5, Roelof W. wrote:

Both tools will do the job, but my guess is that minitest was selected
this because it is simpler to explain to new developers. In other words,
the expressive DSL that makes rspec nice to use after you know what’s
on can also be confusing to people who’ve never encountered it before.

–Matt J.

Minitest is basically now built in. It’s lighter, and easier to use.

Rails itself is tested in Minitest.

I found recently that when I wanted to write a Gem that interacted with
parts of Rails, Minitest was easier because I could go off the Rails
minitest examples.

Most large production apps I’ve worked on are tested in Rspec, which is
by far the popular choice. I do find that over-use of
“declarative-style” testing to be difficult to read. (I.e., when so many
things are defined with “let” statements that you have to reverse
engineer 6 methods just to figure out what calls what). Having said
that, some people really like the declarative style of Rspec.


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