Any pointers on integration of Rails and Mambo login

I’m up for a project where the currently implemented Mambo
system would be used to
get access to the Rails apps. I’m imagining this is fairly easy. One
thought is perhaps build the Rails auth system and then
let Mambo do a handoff to Rails somewhere at the top level ?

Any one do something similar , thoughts, ideas, pointers ?


After googling around I read a few pages about integrating Rails with
for the authentication. I imagine this is translatable with other PHP
However, while I still lack many details, at this point I know the goal
to serve up “static” content via PHP / Mambo and dynamic content
through Rails.
Something else I noticed googling is running Rails and PHP on Lighttpd ,
using symlinks between the two applications.
If any of this makes sense and someone has some experience doing
similar I wouldn’t mind hearing. At this point I feel like a loner :slight_smile:


On 11/6/06, Dark A. [email protected] wrote:


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