Any plans on making Typo into an Engine?

I really like Typo but I’d hate to mix all of its files with my own
application. I think an Engine would be really nice. Anyone working on
or heard anything about it? I’d do it myself if I had more knowledge of
Ruby, Rails and Engines :stuck_out_tongue:

Duane J. [email protected] is doing this, but you’ll need
to be very, very careful: Typo is a full application in its own right,
and wasn’t designed with the view to having it interact with other
parts of an application. That’s not to say you wouldn’t be successful

  • it is definitely possible - you’ll probably just have to put a lot
    of work into it to really get what you’re after, which might not be
    ideal for someone who isn’t comfortable getting all freaky with
    esoteric aspects of Rails and Engines.

It will be interesting to see how Duane gets on (I’m confident he’ll
certainly get it working for his own purposes), but for the moment I
wouldn’t hold you breath about getting any kind of ‘drop-in blog
component’ (whoa there, Rails list!). If you’re not feeling too
confident about Rails & Ruby, why not download Typo, get it running on
your own machine and then tinker around with it and see how it works?
You might find that you don’t need everything that it has, and the
experience you gain might help you writing something designed to work
with the applications you want to develop.

  • james (throwing the meaty bone of peace out to the hysterial masses,

Good advice. I actually did download typo and played around with a bit.
tried to incorporate my own functionality into it slowly, but realized
I was making a huge mess. And every time a new version of Typo would
out, it was extremely difficult for me to upgrade it. That is why I
think an
Engine would be really nice. If only to allow us to play around with
modify it and not touch the original code. I guess i’ll wait and see
Duane comes up with. Meanwhile, I’ll keep playing with the current
and try to learn as much about it as I can. Thanks for the tips =]