Any ideas for candidates for HOPL-III?

“In 1978, the first History of Programming Language Conference (HOPL)
described the development of 13 computer programming languages, the
people who participated in that work, and the context in which it was
undertaken. In 1993, HOPL-II contained 14 papers on the genesis and
evolution of programming languages. It is time for HOPL-III, to be held
with FCRC 2007 in San Diego. Each HOPL-III paper should detail the early
history or evolution of a specific programming language. Preliminary
ideas about each language should have been documented by 1996 and each
language should have been in use by 1998.”

Ruby meets the age criteria.

James B.

“Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally
for machines to execute.”

  • H. Abelson and G. Sussman
    (in "The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)


Are you sure we can still submit? It listed some dates for paper
submission last year. Unless a paper could be automatically put into
the second round, I think we missed our chance as a community. I’d be
interested in writing about Ruby – with some help of course >_<

“Authors should submit a 1 page abstract by July 8, 2005. Full papers
for the first round are due on August 15, 2005, with notification to
authors in January 2006. Second round submissions will be due in August
2006, with notification to authors in January 2007. Camera ready copy
will be due in March 2007. Authors of accepted papers will be required
to sign ACM copyright release forms.”


[email protected] wrote:


Are you sure we can still submit?

Further proof of the value of literacy.

I saw this mentioned on Lambda the Ultimate, scanned it quick, and (oh
so cleverly) assumed that this would not be a topic for discussion on
LtU if it weren’t still open.

Reading it (for real)now, I see the 2005 dates; thinking it was typo, I
poked around, but found this page:

So indeed the boat has left the pier.

We can plan for HOPL IV in, what, 2021?

James B.

“I never dispute another person’s delusions, just their facts.”

  • Len Bullard

I’ll be in a retirment home by then – not really I’m 23 – but that is
a really long time to have to wait. Argh! The injustices of ACM-HOPL.

Oh well! Maybe next time.