Any equivalence for real browser testing?

I am writing a s/w testing framework using ruby, it needs to be fast.
The amount taking by a browser to start, then shift control to another
component and closing is really slow, I was thinking, is there any
equivalent fast way to do the same with the same level of confidence, I
mean same level of trust/test. As i have heard/studied that the real
browser testing is must, it gives the real testing environment. please
suggest some faster way, but I dont want to negotiate in the quality of
testing as browser gives.

One more thing I would like to know, closing a browser and again
starting it for a new test is faster or using the same browser for next
test is wise? in terms of times consumption.

I am using require “watir-webdriver”.

Hey dude,

I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but if you’re writing the framework
it seems like benchmarking these things yourself should be the best way
to answer your questions.


Jam wrote in post #1072065:

Hey dude,

I don’t mean to sound like an ass,

:slight_smile: same here, great but what if I want to use people experience.

I need to decide first if it is possible or not. then I can start if its
possible… thanks…