Any data table component for rails?

Hello all,
is there any data table component for rails
which can sort/search/pagination etc?
I’ve checked out jquery plugin datatables,
which can sort/search/pagination, but for
large dataset of course need to go server side,
need to pass params[:sort]/params[:search]/params[:pagination]
to server side, which involves a lot of code,
I’ve checked out and found a
datatable project for jquery server side binding,
but unfornately It has dependencies on both
“will_paginate” and “kaminari”, which breaks my
activeadmin(I remove will_paginate and modify its code
a little to use kaminari, but seems still have problem,the iTotalCount
becomes nil,
and it doesn’t support subtable?(the main table have a lot of subtable
and need to paginate association submodel).
Since the jquery datatable still needs to go serverside to handle
which renders these useless, if there’s a gem/component in server side
would be OK, then would be equivalent with my use of datatablesnow,
is there any data table gem/component for rails? Thanks!.