Antwrap problems

Hi All,

My Requirement: I need to execute ant tasks,then get the status whether
task is executed success or failure.

Exactly requirement get status of executed tasks send status in to the

For that installed rjb and antwrap,Started working on antwrap.

My code is below.

options = {:ant_home=>“D://apache-ant-1.7.1”, :name=>‘BotServer’,
:declarative=> true, :logger=>,
:loglevel=> Logger::DEBUG}
puts “options------------------------------1”
antProject =
antTask =‘ws-run -DD=PRnnn’, antProject, {:debug
=> ‘on’, :verbose => ‘no’, :fork => ‘no’})
puts “before task------------------------------”

While executing code Error states in this this below manner

exception uninitialized constant TestRunsController::AntProject
@blamed_files Empty Array
md nil
msg nil
origin_file nil
origin_line nil

Here TestRunsController is my controller.

Could you please help me in this regard